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A Little Loopy

Length: 11 minutes (loop)
Price: $20 minimum donation

Content: This soothing, relaxing looping file is perfect for getting you into a little headspace, reminding you that your needs and urges are right and good, and making sure you are cuddled and taken care of as you transition into your little world! Even if you have no trouble slipping into your little mind, this loop can become a favorite part of any cherished little routine.

It contains a few phrases that are echoed from 2-3 other sessions, to reinforce the suggestions there, and otherwise contains general affirmations about the sweet, wonderful little one you are. It is gender-neutral so anyone can enjoy it!

BTW, while the icon is Christmas-themed, but the content is not! It’s for anytime, anywhere. It won’t drop you into a deep trance, so you can listen while you color, play, watch TV, eat snacks, or lie down to take a nap. Your mind might be used to getting a little sleepy when you listen to my voice, so I do NOT recommend listening if something needs your full attention, especially the first time you listen.

Just click the donate button, choose how much you are able to donate to my charity drive, and you will be taken to a page where you can submit a file claim just as soon as your payment is complete! Easy-peasy.

Donations are now closed until the charity drive in November 2018.


This file is VERY special. 100% of proceeds go directly to charity. Specifically, they go to buy Christmas presents for women and their children who would otherwise have nothing. The organization I support is caring for these women and children because they had to flee from domestic or sexual violence with nowhere to go.

This is my 6th year collecting donations for this charity, and my very first year including an ABDL Limited Edition File in the mix! I’m so excited because I know my ABDL fans are intimately in touch with their inner children. I know you little ones can imagine the heartbreak these kids are suffering, being in a shelter or safehouse at Christmas, scared and worried for themselves and their mom, hoping for something – anything – good to happen.

As Christmas approaches, those little hopes grow bigger and bigger because Christmas is a time when magic can happen!

I need YOU to help make some magic happen!!!

I have “adopted” a mother and six children this year. I have their Christmas wishlists – footballs and bikes, new sneakers and teddy bears… They even have some really “big” wishes like to own a television, or have their very own tablets to play games.

I want to make every single one of their Christmas dreams come true, PLUS I want to donate to the general gift drive organized by the charity which helps serve women and kids who have to flee too close to Christmas to be able to take part in their “adoption” program. They shouldn’t be forgotten.

My goal this year is to raise over $6,500. (Last year and the year before we beat that number, so I know we can do it this year!)

Please help in any amount you can!

The more you donate, the more kids we can help!


NOTE: If you are ALSO interested in my femdom Limited Edition Files on Spiral Seductions, it’s easiest to go through the donation methods you’ll find linked from that page and do the whole thing at once. When you donate and get to the main claim form with all 15 of the femdom files available, you can check off the ones you donated for there, and then use the “Additional Notes” section to let me know you’ve donated an extra $20 to get A Little Loopy.