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Here’s where the real magic happens!

The most profound hypnotic effects can only be found with custom sessions. And there is so much for us to explore together.

Full-time diaper wearing, nighttime wetting, encouraging magical thinking, wearing diapers under your everyday clothes, restoring your sense of innocent and wonder… These are just a few of the things my personalized hypnosis can help you to achieve. Whether you want a single file, or a whole training series to achieve your goals, I will pour my heart and soul into making the very best hypnotic experience you’ve ever had.

All ABDL sessions are 100% exclusive – that means a generic version of your file will never appear in my store. (I can’t promise I’ll never release a file about the same general topic, of course! But your file will be for you and you alone.) This means you are free to be as specific as you like in terms of details you want me to weave into to the session. Little quirks about your life, small details about your daily routine – this is all about YOU, little one.

There are a few options down below to consider… So pick carefully. Send me a request whenever you are ready, and we will talk about how to bring your file to life. My life and schedule vary, but I aim to have files done in ~15-20 weekdays after we’ve chatted about your file and I know just what you seek.


$450 (30 min) / $675 (45 min)


All files are available in two lengths – 30 or 45 minutes. You pick the length you want, and I’ll let you know if your session will fit into it. In some cases, I may recommend a different length session based on the details of your request.

When it comes to telling me what you want in the file, it helps for you to be as specific as possible! The more information you give me about your little world, the better and more personal our time together in trance-space can be.


$30 (30 min) / $45 (45 min)


Adding in theta waves (the dream-state brainwaves) can dramatically deepen your trance and enhance its effects.

I don’t use pre-fabricated tracks. That just won’t do! Instead, I create unique custom theta wave tracks to perfectly complement each and every session for which they are desired.




Ambient background music can help lull your conscious mind to sleep faster and also prevent little noises in your environment from disrupting your peaceful trance.

Most people choose to have background music in their trance, so that’s the default option. But if you prefer trance with it, that’s perfectly all right! I want this trance to be exactly the way you want it to be.


Add 40%


Being patient is hard! Sometimes a little too hard.

It’s okay if you can’t wait very long for your file. For an added 40%, I’ll devote my full attention to you and you’ll have your brand-new, custom file in just 5 weekdays!

Hurry-Up files are not eligible for discount.


10% OFF


Something special happens between a hypnotist and her little subject when they journey into trance together again and again. As the time and energy we invest in each other grows with each new session, so does our bond of trust. You will find that you more easily slip into trance and that training takes deeper and quicker hold over your mind. The more intimately I get to know you over time, the easier it is for me to tap straight into your young subconscious.

Because I value this connection so highly, I want to take 10% off each file after your first one.


$225 per 15 minutes


Whisper tracks can be incredibly soothing and comforting, all while helping embed the trance suggestions much deeper in your mind. Whispers can overlay the induction, the training portion, or both!

Whisper tracks are 100% custom and never looped.

I’m all booked up right now! Custom requests are (temporarily) closed.

PLEASE NOTE: These prices and this site are exclusively for non-erotic files. I’m more than happy to create ABDL erotic/fetish sessions, but you MUST request them through my custom sessions page on Spiral Seductions.