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Baby Clothing


ABDL Hypnosis Session
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Time to get snuggly!

One of the best ways to immerse yourself in your ABDL world is to adorn your body in soft, cozy, pretty clothes made just for little ones! Whether you just want a stronger love for baby clothing, hope to deepen your need to be dressed like a little all the time, or have any lingering doubt or shame surrounding your need to be clothed like a sweet little child, this file is for you!

A fun induction will take you down into a deep trance and together we will explore the wonders of a childhood wardrobe and all the wonderful physical sensations and emotions that go along with it. We will deepen the calm comfort you feel when you put on little clothes, and build a strong attachment to the feelings of childhood, safety, innocence, and wonder when you are dressed in the soft, stretchy, playful, colorful clothes little ones love best.

Please Note: This file can be enjoyed by girls or boys of many little ages and is effective whether you wear diapers or not. BUT, while this is called “baby” clothing, it is not well-suited for anyone who strongly identifies as an infant to the point that suggestions of walking/toddling around and tugging on some little clothes yourself would be jarring to you while in trance.

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