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Welcome to the My Little Lullaby nursery!


This site is devoted to ABDL hypnosis.
(That’s Adult Baby/Diaper Lover, for those who stumbled on this site at random.)
You will find a selection of general hypnosis sessions here for purchase as well as the ability to request custom sessions.

I take a caring, nurturing, positive approach to ABDL.
You will find no humiliation or “forced to wear/wet/mess” elements in my general hypnosis files.
(I’m happy to consider creating those types of files for custom sessions, if that’s what you desire.)

None of my general-release sessions encourage unconscious behaviors.
When it comes to much of the training and hypnosis in the ABDL world, especially unconscious behaviors, the details matter. Your name matters. Your little age matters. Your toys, your routines, your environment, your goals matter. So I reserve training of things like unconscious wetting and messing for custom files only.

This is NON-EROTIC material.
I create age-regression hypnosis for adults. Everything is G-rated. No exceptions. I know many incorporate their ABDL practices into their healthy, consenting, adult sex lives, and I am perfectly okay with that! But due to the nature of payment processors, please understand that I can neither create nor discuss sexual content.

I hope you listen, enjoy and tell all your little friends about my site!

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