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About Ember

If anyone knows a person can have two sides to them, it’s you! So while you might know me as a domme, here I want you to meet my other side.

I am a nurturer at heart. From taking the Red Cross babysitting course when I was 11 years old to now pursuing pediatric medicine as a primary care provider, I have always found deep satisfaction in the role of caretaker. (I should note that while some people in my position switch around, my role of caretaker in the ABDL world is unwavering – I have no interest in being regressed myself.)

I took my very first “real” job at the age of 12, as a mother’s helper. Through high school, college and beyond, I was a babysitter and a live-in nanny. Nothing on this planet is as precious to me as a child. Being responsible for guiding, teaching, and caring for someone so gentle and impressionable is a great responsibility, and an even greater joy.

And my love of children includes inner children. Just because your body has grown up doesn’t mean you are trapped in the adult world! Come stay with me, here at My Little Lullaby nursery, and explore the child within. Together we can coax that sweet little one out, let him or her out to play. Wearing little clothes, playing little games, and perhaps even having little accidents in your diaper!

The possibilities are endless and magical – just as childhood should be.