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About Hypnosis

I know you must already be very familiar with the way your mind works, and how it can be difficult sometimes to get into the right headspace to truly enjoy acting and feeling little. There are all kinds of things that can get in the way, from worries about bills to relationships to a bad night’s sleep, and that’s no fun at all!

The good news is that hypnosis can help!

How does hypnosis work?

Hypnosis works by making you feel very relaxed and yet very focused. In this special state of mind, we can bypass the critical faculties of your mind, which respond very rigidly and with preset thoughts and actions.

You can think of it like a dragon guarding a tower where a little prince or princess peacefully sleeps. The dragon only knows that he must guard the tower, and so he does. He guards the tower from everything, even friends, because that’s all he knows how to do.

If the dragon is your conscious mind, and the little prince or princess in the tower is your subconscious mind, you can see how difficult it can be sometimes, to reach that special part of your mind where magical things can happen! Hypnosis is the magic spell which puts the dragon to sleep for a little while, so he can’t interfere when he isn’t needed. He’ll wake up again of course, and be perfectly fine and happy, and that’s a good thing. Your conscious mind keeps you safe in everyday life.

When we use hypnosis, we can make changes to the way we think and feel. Sometimes those changes can last a very long time, and sometimes they only last a short while. We do this by giving carefully designed suggestion to the subconscious mind, so that it can respond in new ways to old stimuli. For example, when you really need to go peepee, your conscious mind informs you of the fact and sets you on course to do what you have always done: Go find a grown-up bathroom. Under hypnosis though, you can easily ‘forget’ those grown-up courses of action, and reprogram yourself to do something else. Pee in your diaper, for instance. And feel wonderful about doing so!

Can hypnosis hurt me?

Hypnosis, when it’s done correctly and safely, cannot hurt you at all. It can’t force you to do anything you truly don’t want to do, (your dragon would wake right up and start breathing fire to keep you safe!) and it can’t physically hurt your body or brain.

If you suffer from seizures, mental health issues or cardiac ailments, I strongly advise checking with your healthcare provider before using any recreational hypnosis.

What does trance feel like?

I expect you’ve heard people use the word “sleep” when referring to hypnotic trance, but hypnosis isn’t really sleep at all. You will be conscious and able to move, although you will probably feel far too lazy and comfortable to want to bother! Sometimes people don’t keep track of the words being spoken, and that’s all right; if you don’t want to concentrate, you don’t have to. Sometimes too, people can forget exactly what happened while they were in a trance state, and only remember it later. And other people remember every single word.

Your mind is very special and completely unique, so your own adventures will be very personal to you, nobody will ever experience them exactly the same way you do!

Can everyone be hypnotized?

Most people can be hypnotized, and in fact, most people experience hypnotic trance much more often than they think they do. Have you ever gotten lost in a really exciting storybook or movie? Ever zoned out and started daydreaming? Those are hypnotic experiences; your conscious mind has drifted away and your subconscious mind has taken over.

So yes, the vast majority of people can be hypnotized, but everyone is different and sometimes an induction (the part of the hypnosis experience that puts you into a trance state) that works well for one person, won’t work very well for someone else. That’s when it can be helpful to try different mp3s that use different inductions, and find out what works best for you.