Comfort Object


ABDL Hypnosis Session
File type: mp3
File length: 27 min



One of the very best things about being little is having your very own comfort object. Something to keep you safe and secure, something to make you feel better no matter what. Even if you’re sad or angry, tired or sick, your comfort object can make everything better.

Whether you already have one and wish to strengthen your bond, or have not yet chosen something to be your comfort object, this file is for you! You will automatically reach for your comfort object and a sense of peace and contentment will wash over you. Whether you are your adult self, or in your little mind-space, the bond will remain. And if you want to take your comfort object with you into the adult world, perhaps tucked safely away in a backpack or the trunk of your car, you can do that, knowing it’s waiting for you if you need it. But if you want to keep it safe at home, that’s okay too. This special bond that you have with your chosen object, is yours alone, and you can enjoy it in whatever way feels best to you.

As you hold your special comfort object close, you will find all negative feelings recede. Replaced by the warm, bright glow of safety, of security, of simple happiness. Replaced by the feeling of innocent pleasure that radiates out from that magical object, and flows through your body and mind, making everything a little easier. Until everything in your whole little world feels right and good once again.


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