Diaper Messing


ABDL Hypnosis Session
File type: mp3
File length: 31 min



A whole new chapter in your diaper training! Yes, the absolute best and most effective diaper training will always, always be one-on-one and custom-crafted… But don’t underestimate the transformative powers of general hypnosis to get you into the right mindset!

And that’s exactly what this file does. This file has a nice, long induction to ensure you will be taken to into a very deep state of trance where all your adult worries, cares, and those pesky learned reactions can be completely washed away, leaving your little self to listen to my suggestions.

It will be so easy to see, to feel, to know that you must wear your diapers, that you must wet your diapers, and of course that you must mess in your diapers as well. Logic says so. Your minds says so. Your heart says so. And, most importantly, I say so!

Messing in your diaper is the most natural thing in the world. The act and the feeling are tied tightly to the comfort and security of your diaper, and they are free from the learned reactions of shame or disgust. Those feelings have no place here. Only the feeling of doing exactly as you’re supposed to do, like a good little child.

Note: This file will NOT make you lose conscious control, nor will it encourage you to mess when you are not wearing a diaper.


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