Diaper Wetting


ABDL Hypnosis Session
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File length: 31 min



Nothing should be so natural as a child wetting his or her diaper… And yet, some little ones still struggle to wet without hesitation. This file is carefully designed to help you understand that you can simply let go. Let go of any fears or worries. Let go of any adult hang ups.  And just let go of your bladder, of course!

You will be able to allow yourself to thoroughly enjoy the sensation of a warm, comfy diaper bundled around you, snugly fastened around your hips. The soft bulk of it, the security it provides. Putting your diaper on will feel so good and welcome, because it will encourage you to easily slip into the sweet head-space of your little self.

And wetting your diaper will feel just as it should feel – completely natural. The right thing to do. You will be aware of when you need to go pee – even little babies know they need to pee – but you will understand that there is nothing you can do about it but wet your diaper. That’s why you’re wearing one, after all. Soaking your diaper will feel absolutely wonderful, serving as a reminder that you are safe and cared for, little and innocent, free to be yourself without any worries at all.

Note: This file will NOT make you lose conscious control of your bladder, nor will it encourage you to wet when you are not wearing a diaper.


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