Little Accidents


ABDL Hypnosis Session
File type: mp3
File length: 28 min



Perhaps you can remember a time, many years ago, when you were without your diapers… Perhaps you were potty training at the time… And you had an accident right in your clothes!

This session will take you down, gently and lovingly, and help encourage you both to have little accidents while you are not wearing a diaper, as well as allow you to accept them as natural and normal. This file is aimed at wetting accidents only and does not mention messing at all. Having an accident in your clothes is not only okay, it is normal and natural. Little ones cannot be expected to have the bladder control of an adult, and so when you are exploring your little-world you should not try to have that kind of control either, doesn’t that make sense?

This file includes subtle suggestions that will allow for accidents to be limited to when you are in “little mode.” They are non-obtrusive suggestions and will not conflict with 24/7 lifestyle, so the file will still work for those of you who do not delineate between little and adult mode most of the time!


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