Little Emotions


ABDL Hypnosis Session
File type: mp3
File length: 26 min



In the adult world, we are often taught to hide our emotions and feelings, to keep them under control and even to display false emotions! Sometimes, that’s the right thing to do. Sometimes, you need to do that to keep your life running smoothly.

But when you are regressed and your little self is out and about, there is no need for such silliness! Children are not expected to keep their feelings at bay. Children are expected to express their little emotions, physically and honestly.

The trouble is, sometimes it’s hard to forget the adult “rules” about your emotions when you are in little-mode. So this file will help you take care of that! It is designed to allow you to easily accept and express all of your emotions when you are little, without any shame or reservation. Knowing that you are behaving just as you are meant to when you let your emotions live so close to the surface. When something delights you, letting happy sounds burst from your lips, or happy dances wiggle through your hips! When you are hungry or sad, to be fussy or cry. No matter what you’re feeling, and no matter how you instinctively want to express it, you are always doing the right thing by letting your little emotions free!


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