Staying Wet


ABDL Hypnosis Session
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Sometimes, little one, you have no choice but to stay in your wet diaper! Whether your caregiver can’t change you (or just wants you to stay in your soggy diaper for a while), or whether no grown-up is around and you have to wait until you slip back into your big-mode to change yourself, one this is for certain – diaper changing schedules are NOT up to little ones!

Only grown-ups can decide when it’s time to change a wet diaper. (In this file, that means either your big caregiver or even yourself when you are in your adult mindset, so it will work for just about anyone!) But you can relax, sweetheart, that’s how it’s supposed to be. No one expects a little child to change their own diaper.

And that means you will have to stay wet sometimes. You might just find, especially after listening to this file over and over, that you learn to L-O-V-E being in your wet diaper! It’s a great reminder of how little and helpless you can be, and how dependent you are on being taken care of. Nothing fills you with the warm-and-fuzzies more than knowing that. So even if you’re a bit physically uncomfortable as that heavy, soggy diaper is hanging off your hips, you know it’s exactly how things should be.

It’s also important to remember that, while it might never happen to you, it is possible that you will end up feeling fussy in your wet diaper! Many times, this has nothing to do with the wet diaper itself, and everything to do with what kind of day you’ve had. So you can acknowledge those feelings if they arise, and express them because they are just as valid as any other feeling.

NOTE: This file is a bit longer than usual at 37 minutes, so that’s why it’s a few more dollars to buy.


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