Using a Bottle


ABDL Hypnosis Session
File type: mp3
File length: 30 min



When you were little, drinking from you bottle was the most natural thing in the whole wide world. Sucking on that bottle meant safety, security, happiness, and contentment. It meant your little belly would be full and you won’t be hungry or thirsty anymore It meant someone loved and cared for you.

This file helps you recover those lost feelings, letting them bloom bright within you once again! Whether it’s warm milk (perhaps with something sweet in it!), fresh juice, or anything else you love to drink, it will feel perfectly natural and right once again to drink it from your bottle.

With no worries or cares, no need to think about spilling a drop or having a glass tumble out of your hands and break, drinking from a bottle is a wonderful source of comfort and peace. You can even fall asleep with it tucked between your sweet little lips.

This lovely file will have you automatically reaching for your bottle when you need to nourish your body or your soul. Peace, calm, caring and a full tummy are just moments away!


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