Wetting the Bed

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ABDL Hypnosis Session
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Wetting the bed is something all little children experience, and you are no different!

I know it can be hard for your adult self to accept sometimes, but this file is here to help. Whether you are wearing a diaper or not, when the urge to go pee starts to wake you in the night, your sleepy little mind can’t quite muster the energy to bring you completely out of dream-land. There’s nothing nice about having to drag yourself out of your cozy warm bed and stumble into the unwelcoming bathroom, so you just won’t do it.

Instead, you’ll stay snug in your bed and let your body take care of itself, let your body do what comes naturally to make you comfortable, so you can drift right back off to sleep. Wetting the bed is a normal, natural part of childhood. So in your regressed sleepy state, it’s a normal and natural part of your life too.

NOTE: This file encourages CONSCIOUS wetting at night. This means when the urge to pee starts to wake you, your automatic response will be to simply let go and wet. Also, please note that this file will encourage wetting the bet whether you are wearing a diaper or not. If that’s not something you desire, please don’t listen!

2 reviews for Wetting the Bed

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mookalapee (verified owner)

    Great session! My first that I’ve bought. It made me feel super comfy and relaxed and just plain little. Definitely a very powerful session too so be careful it works!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    mindsoup_ (verified owner)

    I haven’t wed my bed in over 2 years and yet after chugging a bunch of water and soda before bed and listening to this, I woke up to a full almost leaking diaper with no memory of waking up to pee. 10/10 would highly recommend for results

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